Work Zone Safety (flagging)

When it comes to managing road construction and maintenance projects, one of the biggest challenges that contractors face has to do with handling traffic disruption and motorist’s safety. Poor management of traffic around the work zone can lead to traffic snarl-ups and even road accidents. Thus, is imperative for you as a contractor to get the right people to provide your site with flagging services.

Opportunity Construction, LLC is a leader in the provision of flagging services on road construction sites. Our employees have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a safe, temporary traffic control zone. They have all undergone the APC/PennDOT training course, and their abilities have been tested and proven through written and oral examinations. They have also undergone practical training in work zone situations, and their experience and skills are beyond reproach.

We provide our flaggers with safety vests, red flags, hard hats, protective work boots, radios, and stop/slow paddles. We also provide nighttime flagging equipment if necessary. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable partner to provide you with reliable flagging services at your construction site, don’t look any further; Opportunity Construction, LLC is the answer.

Opportunity Construction, LLC is proud to offer PennDOT flagger training programs to ensure work zone safety across Steelton, Harrisburg PA and beyond.

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