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At Opportunity Construction, LLC, our business model is like that of every other, in the sense that generating a profit by providing the best services in our industry is what we always strive for. However, our definition of profit is what sets us apart. We do not simply judge profit in terms of just monetary value. Our main definition of profit is a byproduct of first helping people.

Started by a passionate social entrepreneur, Opportunity Construction, LLC is built upon the idea that giving people who may have made wrong, costly choices in their lives or perhaps were never allowed any opportunity because of racial makeup or disability a chance at a promising future through hard work. Learn more below!

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Written Testimonials

In the 2014 construction season I worked with Opportunity Construction LLC on SR 1023-09M and SR 35-027 in Snyder County. I was very impressed with the level of commitment they showed to these projects. They are a new company so the owner, Carl Phinney was on site every day to make sure all of his employees had everything they needed and were performing their jobs correctly.

Opportunity’s employees were very conscientious and performed their work in a professional manner. Compliments were given on the competence and friendliness of all of the flagging staff provided by Opportunity Construction from my superiors and the general public. I would recommend Opportunity Construction LLC for future projects and I look forward to working with them again.

Mindy B. Foresman
Transportation Construction Inspection Supervisor

Opportunity Construction performs “protection and maintenance of traffic” that meets and exceeds Kinsley expectations. They are extremely responsive to all our needs.

Scott Prowell
  Project Manager
Kinsley Construction Inc

We at H&K Group, Inc. would like to thank you and your entire staff for the professional way that your company handles the projects we work on together.  We always appreciate your personal involvement, availability and the accountability that your field personnel dedicate to the projects we do together. We look forward to many more successful projects in the future!

Josh Morton
Project Estimator/Manager

Opportunity Construction, LLC is a transportation construction company, providing proven results across Steelton, Harrisburg PA and beyond.

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