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Thorough and competent inspection is a necessity insofar as implementing quality construction projects is concerned. Proper inspection calls for professionalism, diplomacy, sound judgment, and good communication skills as well deep knowledge and technical expertise with regards to the procedures and materials to be used. At Opportunity Construction, LLC, we are leaders when it comes to inspection of construction projects in the highways and bridges sector. Over the years, we have provided construction inspection services to different clients such as Municipalities, state departments of transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration among others.

We have all the necessary certifications and registrations for the various state departments of transportation, and other public as well as private agencies. We support continuous education, research, and training to keep up with the ever-changing technology and even to stay ahead of the industry. Thus, if you are looking for construction inspectors that will help in reducing construction time, lower the cost, and enhance quality, you can count on the expertise of our team of highly trained professionals.

Opportunity Construction, LLC offers expert highway construction inspections for roadways across Steelton, Harrisburg PA and beyond.

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