Opportunity Construction Highway Construction Career Training Course is the only one of its kind. Our focus is helping people live a better quality of life. We are proving this by creating a place where preparation and opportunity meet.

Course Objective

  • Teach participants about the benefits of a career in Highway construction
  • Increase participants marketability by more than 50%
  • Certify participants with one of industry’s most sought after certifications ( Flagging) recog- nized in 48 states
  • Teach participants how to find and use the career building tools available to them in today‚Äôs marketplace.

Course Advantages

Convenience! this course will come to you
  • Flagger handbook and ATSSA’s exclusive flagger workbook
  • Training is interactive and informative
  • Certification in just four hours
  • Onsite interview with employers who believe in giving people second chance opportunities
  • Top industry professionals will help participants develop a career guiding Action Plan

Opportunity Construction, LLC provides experienced on the job construction training for those in the central PA area and beyond.

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